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Securing your home

1 Aug 2016

Sobering crime statistics make home owners and buyers more security conscious year after year.

A property’s location is something, that in reality is much more critical to the value of the home and living experience than the property itself.

Security can be a pricey expense with burglar alarms, electric fencing, security beams and so on.

Here are some fairly inexpensive steps to a more secure home:

Do yourself a favour and stand in the street and look at your home.

Does your house look well-kept? A well-kept home from the outside sends the message that the owners pay attention to the property and that security measures are probably in place.

Are bushes or trees overgrown?

Any over grown shrub or trees could serve as possible hiding places for criminals. The garden should be kept neatly trimmed.

Are the garden tools lying about?

Garden tools or any item left lying around could be used as a means of gaining entry or as a weapon. Make sure everything has been packed safely away in a locked garage or shed.

Does your area have a neighbourhood watch?

This is an important factor for the safety of your neighbourhood to be able to report and alert suspicious activity to authorities. Keep the contact details of the neighbourhood watch members and ask to be added to their information mailing list to keep updated with what is happening in your area.

Is there sufficient street lighting?

Make sure your street has an efficient amount of street lights and report any defective street lights to your council service immediately.

Does the home have burglar bars and/or safety gates?

These should be installed on the inside as intruders could be deterred when they realise bars or gates still lie in their way.

Have proper, strong locks fitted to the doors and windows.

It seems that the location and security of a home directly affect the perceived value of the property and often more time and energy is spent on looking at the features of a home than the neighbourhood in which it is situated.

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